Some of the best poker in Las Vegas can be found at a casino that you might not immediately think of when you consider where to play the game. Though the Bellagio, Mirage, and Monte Carlo might draw the acclaim from outsiders, real veterans of the Las Vegas poker scene know that the Venetian poker room is one of the most comfortable and beautiful places on the entire Strip. If it’s big time poker play in a spectacular environment that you are looking for, then the Venetian is where you need to be.
The Venetian succeeds where other big time hotels fail miserably. Though the comfort and beauty is comparable to that of the Wynn or the Bellagio, the poker room at the Venetian offers some of the best service of any casino in Las Vegas. The pit bosses and general employees make it their business to keep your business. It’s almost as if serving you is a pleasure for these folks. The Venetian recently installed a state of the art computer listing system that keeps up with all of the games that are running in the poker room. That dedication to service, along with the constant friendliness, makes this poker room one of the easiest places to have a good time in Las Vegas.

Successful poker rooms have to offer much more than friendly service, though. At the Venetian, players will find comforts idn poker terbaru indonesia that almost no other Las Vegas poker room can offer. When players first enter the room, it feels almost as if this is a setting for a king’s poker game. You are sure to feel like a big timer, regardless of your bank roll. This is because everything is large enough to be comfortable and accommodating. The tables are new and feature very comfortable arm rests. The chairs at the poker tables are large enough for even the heftiest of poker players to sit comfortably. The tables are equipped with automatic shufflers that keep the action flowing almost non-stop. The Venetian takes comfort seriously and will remind players of this with their fantastic cocktail service, too. Enjoy complimentary top-shelf cocktails for the entirety of your play in the poker room. The waitresses are friendly, attractive, and seem to always be around. Chances are that you will have a second drink ready before you even finish the first.

Because of the lavish comforts of this poker room, it is often a favorite of both veteran poker players and interested amateurs. Especially at lower levels, the competition is somewhat weak in the Venetian. For solid poker players, the easiest game in which to win is the $1/$2 no-limit game where the tourists often play. If your bankroll will allow it, a very popular $2/$5 game is always full of fish that are ready to donate some serious money to the table.

If tournaments are your thing, then this poker room has you covered. $125 buy-in tournaments run everyday except for Friday and Saturday. The crown jewel of Venetian tournaments is the Saturday $550 buy-in tournament in no-limit hold ’em. It starts at noon and runs for the entirety of the day, attracting some of the best poker players in all of Las Vegas. If you have the money, this tournament is worth your time considering how well it is run.

The Venetian offers a little something for everyone. Not only is it comfortable and lavish, but the play is of a high quality. They have a way of making you feel like a high-roller without making you feel like you’re in the company of real high-rollers. At the Venetian, you will always feel like you’re good enough to be there, which is not the case at some of the other top-rate casinos in Las Vegas. The service alone is reason enough to take some time at the Venetian.