Presently comes the fun part, pulling in the power wire. The vast majority of the extensive units require 50 Amps of 240 Volt control. To give that we will require #6 THHN stranded copper wire. You will require four (4) pieces for every one of two runs. From the primary board to GFCI then GFCI to hot tub. Be exceptionally mindful so as to Hot tub hire Liverpool gauge precisely, Measure from within best of the fundamental board to the trench base, the length of the trench, at that point up into the Spa Pack in addition to six (6) inches. Next is Spa Pack to hot tub. It is in every case better to have an additional two feet of wire that you don’t use than being 4 inches excessively short.

The four keeps running of wire are:

120 V – Black

120 V – Red

Impartial – White

Ground – Green

The hues are for recognizable proof, I don’t purchase #6 in the majority of the hues, I utilize shaded coding tape to check around two feet of each finish of the wires. Within the hot tub control board they are great about recognizing where each wire goes. It is likewise time to begin filling the hot tub. Presently back to the Spa Pack, the red, white and dark wires append to the base of the GFCI breaker with the green on the ground carry or bar. The wires from the board append to the ground bar (green) impartial bar (white) and the breaker feed carries (dark and red).

We are nearly there, presently back to the fundamental board and introduce a two shaft fifty amp breaker (2P50) that is intended for your board, interface the white and green wires to the unbiased/ground bar and the red and dark to the breaker. At the point when the tub is brimming with water then you can turn on the primary breaker, the GFCI breaker and begin the hot tub from its working board. It will take a couple of hours to warm up. It is enjoyable to look at all of the planes and different highlights of the tub.